Orange Crush

21. orange drapes at tory burch store

I’ve always been a big fan of the color orange. I’m naturally drawn to its warmth and energy. It feels simultaneously enthusiastic and peaceful.

Did you know that orange is a combination of red and yellow? This means that it shares some common attributes with those colors, e.g., energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. I love the balance.

Here are some other interesting tidbits about orange that I have gathered (no wonder I like it so much!):

  • Orange stimulates activity, stimulates appetite, encourages socialization
  • In China and Japan, orange is used to symbolize happiness and love (Silver Lining)
  • Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things
  • Put some orange in your life when you want: to spice things up when you feel time is dragging, to become more involved in something, to increase creativity, relief from things becoming too serious
  • The symbolic meaning of the color orange is courage
  • Wearing orange during times of stress, or shock can help to balance your emotions.
  • Orange can bring about the willingness to embrace new ideas with enjoyment and a sense of exploration and creative play

Tory Burch Elizabeth Street Boutique in New York

Tory Burch Spring 2012

Photo by Guy Aroch

I’m crazy about this Celine bag!

Carven shoes. Give me a bow any day and I’m happy!

Hermes. The best.

Prada Spring 2012. Definitely on my wish list!

Cy Twombly

J.Crew keeps getting better and better!

Illustration, Rene Gruau.

What a happy place to sit!

Hermes boxes. So fun for decor!

Dolce and Gabana Spring 2012

Looks pretty snuggle buggle to me!


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  1. Allyson Rowe says

    Love it all. Have searched everywhere for the "Orange is the Happiest color poster for my 10 year old bedroom. He has loved orange since birth. Any idea where it can be purchased? Cheers

  2. Stephanie says

    Orange is one of my favorite colors..not to wear but my family room and kitchen have a lot of orange, rust and red tones to it……I love when my oldest 18 yr. old daughter wears her bright orange soccer uniform:)

  3. Nan Jacobs says

    Agreed Hollye! Love the pics…so happy! I always chose orange when given a chance. I own an orange handbag that looks similiar to the one above and I get more compliments on that bag than any other….
    You rock that color! (plus it was one of my HS, U of I, Chicago Bears and SF Giants colors as well : ) Keep smiling! Nan

  4. sandy frankel says

    I want to thank you for this wonderful blog. I lost my Mother to FBC in Sept, after her third fight with the stupid disease…
    This daily blog helps me in ways in ways that you cannot understand…I look forward to seeing your subject line in my e mail. I have shared your blog with everyone that will listen.
    It is well done, classy, inspirational, authentic and a big giant hug each and everyday.
    And for a redhead(orange) who lives in Orange, on the street called orange with an orange tree in my front yard, todays message is my favorite! Thank you for what you do, you are great at it, and you make my day just a bit better…cheers

    • says

      Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for your kind note. I"m so sad to hear about the death of your Mother. I am so, so happy and honored to hear that the blog helps you. Thank you so much.
      And who know you had all of the Orange connections. Fabulous!
      Please stay in touch and take good care,