Oscar Fashion Drool


Though the Oscars is a really fun show (no matter how well the host hosts!), my favorite part is the Red Carpet Arrivals. I know that I’m in good company, though I don’t know how many people actually admit it. Do you?

Speaking of the show, how fabulous was Charlize Theron’s opening dance? Oh! And what about the Les Mis performance? And Adele? I mean, really. And yaaaaah for Anne Hathaway. What a great speech she gave. It’s all so much fun!

Below are my favorite outfits. What are yours?

Anne Hathaway in Prada

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta

Jennifer Garner in Gucci

Charlize Theron in Dior

Sally Field in “I-don’t-know-who-but-doesn’t-she-look-amazing?”

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino

What a fun, Silver Lined night!  Hope you had fun!

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  1. E.B. says

    Love the red carpet! All those beautiful dresses, it's fairy-tale land. In my book, nobody does it better than Mr. Ocar de la Renta. He knocks it out of the park every time . My three favorites were Amy Adams in de la Renta, Charlize Theron in Dior and Jennifer Anniston in Valentino, people were criticizing her dress, but I think she looked fabulous in Valentino red. Oscar de la Renta, Dior and Valentino, is that a terrific trifecta, or what? Silver Lining indeed!

  2. Linda says

    Charlize Theron, gorgeous as always. But I did not appreciate her comment about cutting off her hair for a role. "It's so freeing," she said: "everyone should try it." Really? Not so freeing if you are not getting paid zillions to do it AND it comes with a side-order of chemotherapy.

  3. says

    I see that your blog site no longer posts the PIN for re-pinning some of your fab pins. Are you aware of this, and why has it been removed? Missing the PIN feature.

    Of your gowns posted here I liked the Charlize Theron gown by Dior the best! I did not like Sally Field's gown as it was not flattering on her at all. It seems that gowns with trains were this year's trend. I agree that the red-carpet segment is the best!

    • says

      Hi Carolee,
      Very strange about the Pinning…I'm perplexed by that and am looking into it today. Hmmmm….it's always something!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There were tons of trains…at one point, I wondered how people didn't trip over one another.
      Hope to get the pinning fixed asap! Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Victoria says

    Anne Hathaway was gorgeous but she had two flaws. The bust seam was too pronounced so it made her kind of pointy and I think the necklace was unnecessary given the high neckline. She should have gone with earrings and a nice bracelet. But otherwise she looked stunning. I thought Halle Barry looked fantastic as well. Loved the back of Jennifer Garner's dress. I hope she and Ben stay together. They are a cute couple. And Charlize Theron looks like a statue. So beautiful! And I never realized that Seth MacFarlane was that good looking.

    • says

      Excellent points, Victoria. I read that she picked the dress out 3 hours ahead of time. That's pretty amazing to me.
      I loved Ben's comment about "working" with Jen on their marriage…when he said, "You're the one I really want to work with." Ahhhh.
      thanks for your comments. So fun!

  5. Kim C says

    Yes, it was amazing. The speeches were more meaningful than I remember and there was such a good feel about the night. The hosting left me cold, but the actors were able to rise above the negativity and sarcasm. I thought the number "I saw your boobs" was juvenile. I just couldn't muster up a giggle to any of that – in the least!!! And why do we continue to love to hate the rich and famous? Jennifer Aniston's dress was beautiful as was everyone's!! Hey, if one of those women got in the elevator with us, it would take our breath away! And the movies were outstanding this year! I saw 5 of the nominated movies and loved each and every one of them!

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback, Kim. I totally agree about some of the silly and quite ridiculous jokes. Alas, at least the music balanced much of the ridiculousness!
      What was your favorite movie?

      • Kim C says

        Oh yes, the music was amazing! Adele always sings with such strength and heart…. so happy for her (not so impressed with MC's comment – very cruel). Silver Linings Playbook was great and I was inspired by Jessica Chastain's role in Zero Dark Thirty. Do you have a favourite (Cdn spelling)?