Lilly Pulitzer

It is with a heavy heart that I heard about the death of Lilly Pulitzer.  What an incredible, inspiring woman. In 1959, as a housewife with a whole lot of creativity and time on her hands, she opened a juice stand. To camouflage the fruit stains, she commissioned dresses in colorful prints. Very shortly thereafter, those dresses outsold her drinks.

I’ve loved Lilly (as so many of us fondly refer to her) for as long as I can remember. I remember my first Lilly dress that I bought in high school after a whole lot of babysitting.  Boy oh boy do I ever wish that I still had that dress! I’m thrilled that Suddenly Seven has adopted my passion for the bright, happy florals. In fact, 4 days out of 7, she is in a Lilly dress.

Thank you for bringing us such joy and beauty, dear Lilly Pulitzer. You were a Silver Lining in this life.

Some of my favorite products, because really, who doesn’t need a floral jeep?

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  1. E.B. says

    Bless her, the angels are in for one colorful re-do in Heaven. Lilly's creations always make me smile, they are all so happy and cheery! I bet her angel wings are spectacular.