Saturday Sweeps: Kids!

The Silver Lining of last week’s surgery is that I have been grounded (as in unable to go anywhere or do anything) which means that I’ve been able to guiltLESS-ly read tons of blogs!  This week I found myself drawn to any/all things kid related.

Perhaps this is because I’m in the process of planning for the Oscar de la Renta children’s trunk show that I will be hosting in Santa Barbara in May. I’m super excited about every aspect of this project! As you may (or may not!) have heard, Catherine Monteiro de Barros, the founder and designer of Lisbon-based children’s brand Papo d’Anjo has been brought on board as the vice president of design for Mr. de la Renta’s new children’s line. The inaugural collection is absolutely gorgeous…and priced comparably to Papo, in case you’re wondering. Monteiro de Barros says her designs for youngsters tend to appeal to “mothers who are interested in quality and style but who also want their children to look like children” (Silver Lining).

Below are a couple of looks from the new line as well as the rest of Saturday Sweeps.

Tory Burch’s Spotlight On feature of artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders.

Momfilter’s Best Doodle Pad for Plane

Yes, there is a Girls version.

LayBabyLay’s Glam-O-Rama Nursery

Motherlode’s discussion of how Children’s Books have Lost Touch With Nature

The Family Dinner’s Play with Your Food

 Design Sponge’s Before & After: Rustic Boy’s Room Redo’s review of Lorax (I’m glad it’s a good one! Phew!)

Stay at Stove’s A New Game and Broccoli Rabe Recipe

Have a Silver Lined weekend!

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