Savoir Faire: The Making of a Chanel Couture Gown

The fabulous fashion of the Academy Awards has motivated me to share this amazing video illustrating the making of a Chanel Couture gown. Couture literally refers to the design and production of custom made garments. Though I’ve never owned a piece of couture, a couple of years ago I had the outrageously magnificent opportunity to tour the Chanel showrooms in Paris. Oh dear heavens was it ever a Silver Lining experience and I’m still pinching myself over the experience.

I hope that you enjoy this short film as much as I do!


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  1. Victoria says

    Absolutely gorgeous! You can see from this video why they cost so much. Do you know of any documentaries about the making of couture gowns? I think that would be interesting to watch.

  2. says

    Wasn't that SO COOL that she wore H&M? Amazing. I don't understand why people gave AH so much grief. I mean, really. Let's allow her to celebrate her magnificent win! 🙂

  3. says

    How fabulous for you to actually view these gorgeous couture gowns being made in the Paris Chanel showroom. Fairytale gowns in a fairytale setting. Thanks for sharing, Hollye.

  4. E.B. says

    Fairies at work producing magic and beauty! All beautiful, and those fairy brides closing the show, those gowns are just breathtaking. Beautiful, Miss Hollye, thank you for sharing!