Silver Lined Discoveries: Rain Boots


Even though I live in Southern California where I pray for rain daily and don’t have the opportunity to use rain accoutrements very often, I looooove rain boots….as does our daughter, Sweetly Six. I think it’s genetic. Just sayin’…

In fact, I tend to wear my rain boots even when it’s foggy, on the off chance that there might be a few puddles in which to play (Silver Lining). I was super excited to find the rain boots below which combine three of my favorite things:

  1. Rain Boots
  2. Bows
  3. Great Value
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…and that next time it rains where you are that you PLAY in the puddles!
mel Women’s Ankle Boot for a Silver Lined steal at $25 on Amazon

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  1. E.B. says

    Oh, I really LOVED this post! My favorite rain boots when I was little were bright red and I insisted on wearing them EVERYWHERE, thank goodness my parents believed in encouraging my unique sense of style (although other family members were horrified). Recently saw the most beautiful pair of "wellies" by Laura Ashley, the pattern is called Cressida, bright red poppies on a white background, they just sing "happy" and make one wish for a rainy day! Your blog is a lovely, lovely read and most definitely one of my Favorite Silver Linings.