Silver Lined Office

I’m a big fan of office space. Beginning when I was a little girl and sat at my dad’s secretary’s desk on Sunday mornings, I have been enamored with all things office-related. There’s something very inspiring about offices and work space…perhaps it is because they are the birthplace of productivity, creativity and ingenuity.

Plus, I may as well admit it, I’m a huge geek. Going to The Container Store or Office Max is an exercise in self-control (though it barely ever works…the control part, that is!).

I was super excited to see Architectural Digest’s article on Aerin Lauder’s new office in New York.  This space is home to her new company, Aerin, which is launching this fall. Located in the Fuller building in midtown, the eight-room office is a former art gallery (how’s that for some inspiration?). I’ve always been a big fan of her style and look so forward to seeing her new endeavor unfold!


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