Spring Fashion Magazines


So so so excited for the ginormous spring fashion books to arrive on the newsstands. Though these are the ones that are really heavy and awkward and hard to carry, I love-love-love them. I read them methodically. First, I skim every page. Even if I want to read an article, I don’t.  I keep going. Only then do I go back and read (pretty much) every word, front to back. I don’t skip. I only read the March issues this way, thankfully! Hee! Hee!

Michelle Obama is on the cover of the March issue of Vogue and I am super excited to get a nice cup of matcha tea and sit down for a nice, long read.

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  1. Kim C says

    Isn't she lovely! I know, Ive kept only two Vogue magazines over the years; the previous cover of Michelle Obama and the iconic Princess Diana. So so beautiful!