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It sure has been a cancer-heavy week! Geesh!  As I sat in the chemo lab yesterday with my dear girlfriend (who was receiving her 1st infusion), we found ourselves talking first talking about the f-bomb of her diagnosis and all that has come from it and then made our way to fashion, which has always been a wonderful diversion from the heavy-duty reality of all things f-bomb cancer related…

So, let’s talk about Street Style, shall we? The concept of Street Style is a relatively new phenomenon; yet it isn’t.  Many people credit photojournalist Bill Cunningham of the NYT as the first Street Style photographer. Since 1978, he has snapped gazillions of candid photographs of people on the street and managed to find trends among them.

Then came Scott Schuman, founder of The Sartorialist. His blog went bonkers and became wildly popular and a source for real-people outfit inspiration.

And since then the number of street-style photographers has exploded as a grass roots movement. With street style photographers came Street Style stars. I happen to find some of the street style a little out there…at least for me (who happens to be a J.Crew-wearing old-school prepster); however it all (wackiness included) is Silver Lining fun to observe (Silver Pen).

A new, super-fun twist on Street Style is Damien Florébert Cuypers’s illustrations from both London and Paris Fashion weeks. He is a Paris-based illustrator and animator who works predominantly with colored crayons. How cool is that (especially the crayon part!)? Below are some samples of his work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

Henry Holland & Liu Wen

Dianna Argon

Kate Lanphear & Alexandra Roach

Scott Schuman / Alexa Chung

Rachel Zoe

All images via: Damien Florébert Cuypers and T Magazine. See more images there!

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  1. Hania Geremia says

    You have been a friend to all of us on your blog.
    I'm sure you were able to comfort and help your your friend firsthand
    during her first chemotherapy . Fashion can be a wonderful diversion.
    Thanks for the relief and diversion.