Summer’s Seersucker Style

Seersucker has always been synonymous with summertime (oh how I do love alliteration)!  I adore any kind of seersucker, anytime!

Did you know that this Silver Lined fabric comes to us from India?  The word “seersucker” originated from the Hindi, Urdu, and Persian words “shir o shakar,” meaning “milk and sugar” because the fabric’s smooth and bumpy texture resembles that of milk and sugar.  So why is seersucker clothing great for hot weather?  Because it is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, causing a wrinkled look that also keeps the fabric from laying directly on the skin and thus helping with air circulation.

The HOTY has a blue and white seersucker suit that he wears with his white bucks which makes him the Handsome HOTY!

Here are some of my favorite looks. They just make me happy!

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