Silver Lining Discovery: Sunday Riley Skincare

Sunday Riley Skincare

Recently, people have been commenting on my skin. The Silver Lining is that people (including the HOTY) have been saying very kind things (albeit a quite surprised tone) like: “What are you dooooooing?” or “I’ve never seen your skin look like this!”  This surprise may be related to the fact that after finishing treatment, I developed an unsavory propensity for perioral dermatitis outbreaks, leaving me looking like I had a red, zitty goat-tee. Seriously. And seriously gross.

Anyhoo, in the last month I have been using a product line called Sunday Riley. When it comes to facial products, I’m not exactly well-versed in product lines, much less products themselves. A couple of friends (who have gorgeous skin!) recommended this product line and for the first time, I can really see a difference.

The Sunday Riley company believes that ideal makeup and skincare formulas are a perfect union between pure, potent botanicals and advanced chemistry. Great philosophy, right? They use Green Technology and advanced biochemistry combined with pure, potent botanicals to produce high performance and high quality products.

What I have found is that the blend of botanicals provide intense cellular detoxification, healing, and regeneration while fighting the inflammation that causes premature aging. Even Excitedly Eight says (on a daily basis): “Momma, your skin is glowing.”  Ahhh…from the mouth of babes!

Apparently, the brand has become a runaway hit on the runways of big names such as Jason Wu, Stella McCartney (who is as ethically minded as they come!), Victoria Beckham and more—not to mention being the official skincare sponsor of the New York City Ballet.

Now, I have to tell you that the products are expensive. Ugh.However, I feel like investing in good, clean products on my skin is a good use of $$$.

My five favorite products are:

  1. Ceramic Slip Cleanser
  2. Good Genes
  3. Start Over Eye Cream
  4. Bionic Anti-aging Cream
  5. Juno Facial Oil

PS – I share my love of products out of love, not because I am endorsed for any word!  Just sayin’…

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  1. SueAnne Robinson says

    I noticed that the Bionic Anitaging cream has parabens. A few other products like the Juno Transformative Lipid serum do as well. Should these be a concern? I don't know if the amount is so little as to be ok or not. As an fyi I read your blog because I like the positivity of it, I am completely healthy.

    • silverpen says

      Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention, SueAnne! So glad that you are healthy and thank you for reading the blog!

  2. Carolee Groux says

    Thanks for passing on the tip for a really good skincare product. Now could I find Sunday Riley Skincare at a department store cosmetics counter? I also would have to consider if it is affordable for me. But what an endorsement from your daughter, "momma, your skin is glowing". And I just now noticed from your blog that "suddenly seven" is now "excitable eight". How did she get so wise for only 8 years of age? What a darling!

    • silverpen says

      She is wise, Carolee! I think that the products are sold on line, but they are expensive…ugh. My gold standard is always Egyptian Magic, which is very reasonably priced and can be found at the grocery store. 🙂