'Tis the Season: Market and Fruit Picking Pack

I love the holidays for a myriad of reasons: the colors (reds and greens), the smells (wood burning in a fireplace and cinnamon), the music (Finally Five is ALL about Jingle Bells already!), the thoughtfulness.

I love finding unique and special gifts to give. I am not one to give practical gifts. Well sometimes. But not often. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some fun treats that I will be giving this season (and possibly putting on my list to Santa).


The first thing on my list is the Market and Fruit Picking Pack from Kaufman and Merchantile. Their slogan is “Products that will outlast you.” Probably not the best slogan for a gal who’s had cancer this year, but they don’t know that right?!?!

Ok, but moving right along. How cute is this?  It is made of rattan with an ash wood bottom, leather handle and adjustable cotton web shoulder straps. It would be absolutely perfect for the weekly trips to the farmer’s market.  And who’s not going to a farmer’s market these days?  Usually, I schlepp a tote bag that causes undue wear and tear on my shoulder.

One of the best things about this Picking Pack is that the hard sides keep juicy tomatoes from getting smashed or picnic sandwiches from getting smooshed. Sold yet?

There’s more: rattan is lighter per square inch than even a good canvas meaning that your shoulders will be grateful. The bottom of the basket is reinforced and fitted with an ash wood runner so it stands up squarely.  And the best parts?  It is handmade in the United States and costs a very reasonable $104.

Enjoy this Silver Lined gift (whether you get it or give it!).


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