Vogue's APT with LSD: Lily Maddock's Southampton Home

Today is another rainy day in Santa Barbara, which happens to be a Silver Lining in my life. When it is sunny here (as it is 350 days a year), the outdoors beckon in an irresistible way. I happen to love these grey and rainy days because it is an excuse to stay indoors and play catch up and also, well, play a little. What a treat it was today to find one of my favorite Vogue.com series: APT with LSD. This installment is of Lily Maddock’s Southampton — mod meets preppy — home. Hope it brightens your day as it has mine!

For more photos and the story, click here: http://www.vogue.com/culture/article/apt-with-lsd-lily-maddocks-home-in-southampton/#

Photos by Clairborne Swanson Frank

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