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Oh my goodness, am I ever excited about today’s post!  Welcoming Slim Paley as a guest writer is a HUGE Silver Lining!  I’m sure that you know all about her and her blog (called Slim Paley). She writes (brilliantly!) about “The Stuff of Life.”  She is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and ‘Work in Progress’ striving to Live in the Moment which, she believes, will happen any minute now….

And did I mention that she is as smart as she is gorgeous as she is kind as she is funny?!?  Uh, huh. If you haven’t met her, yet, prepare to have a major Girl Crush.  And yes, she is as fabulous and wonderful as she appears to be!

Welcome, Slim!  Thank you for sharing your cheer!

 Summertime Suggestions from Slim Paley

I’m so excited and honored to be guest posting here on my dear friend Hollye’s blog. I’ve been an ardent fan since the earliest days (awww-our little “Brookside Buzz”!) reading and cheering both blog and Hollye on as they’ve progressed from strength to strength.

Here at “The Silver Pen” we know we’ll always find an enlightening message, gentle words of encouragement, a sincere sense of community, and most importantly, a little slice of The Light that is Hollye (she of the ladylike dresses, kitten heels, limitless joie de vivre and smile that spans two postal codes!).

When TPCS (Two Postal Code Smile) asked me if I’d like to contribute, she said please write about absolutely “anything that’s on your mind”

As we’re now in the month of June (Yay!) and the endless delights of SUMMER, my favourite season, are almost upon us,  I thought it would be fun to share a few ways in which to bring a little more sunshine and summer flavour into your home.

Some Island Inspiration:

1) Get a quick and easy tropical vibe happening in your home by displaying large platters of tropical fruits in your front entrance hall, dining room, kitchen or coffee table. Coconuts, pineapples, lemons, limes, kumquats, kiwis, & starfruit are all readily available this time of year. The scent from pineapples is such a delicious treat. If you’re entertaining, slice open some of the fruit to intensify the tropical scents before your guests arrive.

2) Pick up a couple of small palm trees (available for a song right now at Costco and Home Depot) pop them into large seagrass containers to flank your front door or fireplace.  Simple and gorgeous!

..Yes,  a lame attempt to blur out my hangnail. I never learned Photoshop.

3) Have you tried “Caviar Limes” yet? I’ve just recently planted a couple of bushes here in my garden in Santa Barbara. They’re tiny, adorable little bombs of tart, tropical flavour. Fabulous for cocktails.

4) Wait- did someone just mention cocktails?? Don’t forget to “Summerize” your cocktail stations (OK, yes, that’s plural, I  need like to have more than one. Who wants to walk far when it’s so hot?!) Once again; plenty of citrus, exotic libations and a wicker covered bottle tend to have a beckoning effect. Not that a cocktail bar ever repels…

5) More fun to be had with cocktails, iced tea or lemonade by freezing fruits, flowers & herbs into ice-cubes. Ball ice-cube makers below available on Amazon.

6) I’m crazy for coconut and what better time than summer to explore the myriad ways one can utilize this amazing nugget of healthy perfection?  Drinks, desserts,  body moisturizer, make-up remover, hair conditioner,  or mixed with coarse salt as a body scrub… I’m even using coconut oil as a mouthwash. You heard me. It’s big in Ayurvedic medicine.

7) Such a  pretty way to add a hint of summer romance to a bedroom;  mosquito netting. Available right now at “Bed, Bath & Beyond” .


Seaside Summer:

8) A simple string of sea glass, a basket of shells, glass bottles filled with sand or driftwood stacked in and around the fireplace bring a waft of salt air to your surroundings.

Roses from my garden and some old glass beads from Greece.

9) Nautical stripes on pillows, throws, inexpensive area rugs, provide a “Rive Gauche” note.

via “Sweet Paul” magazine

10) Gather all your summer hats in a fun, unexpected place that’s easy to grab on your way to the beach or garden. While you’re at it, don’t forget a small basket of sunscreens too.  Here I’ve stacked my hats on the window ledge of my front entrance hall stairway.

11) Why not pitch a tent in your back garden? Let your Glamping imagination run free. I love this idea and I’m sure your children will too.

12) How about packing up a decadent gourmet picnic basket and heading out to the nearest Drive-Inn?  Footy jammies mandatory. Yes, my husband likes to get there very early to assure a good ‘seat’.  I know. Don’t even say it.

13)  I imagine you’re all looking at that photo of the caviar lime above and thinking “Slim, what IS that polish you’re wearing?”
It’s called “Bubble Glow Rose” by “By Terry” and honestly, don’t go by my nail, it’s quite the prettiest, feminine pink I’ve seen in ages.  “By Terry” available at Barney’s.
Wishing everyone a splendid Summer filled with memorable meals, precious moments, safe travels and plenty of laughter and fun.
A big Thank You to beautiful TPCS for hosting this little time we’ve all spent together!
PS. DON’T forget your sunscreen!! (and be thankful I’m not your mother 🙂 )

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    Great tips Slim! I'm off to buy one of those ice-cube makers from amazon! And I LOVE caviar limes – I am starting to see them more and more around town and at cocktail parties! So fun!

  2. says

    What a fun & colorul post! Once again, Slim has totally inspired me. Off to go dig up some of my old seashell collection….