Welcome to Elizabeth Street!

I am super excited to introduce you to a new, Silver Lined website that is launching TODAY called Elizabeth Street.

The mission of Elizabeth Street is to:

provide an artful, innovative and worldly view on being a stylish mother. Featuring tastemaker moms from around the globe, Elizabeth Street covers fashion, travel, activities, culture, philanthropy and lifestyle with a unique voice geared towards moms who want the best for themselves and their families. 

The site is elegant, clean, chic and engaging (actually, it’s rather addictive!). It is divided into several sections:

  • Livingcovering elements of daily living from cooking & decor to art & parenting
  • Discoverieskeeping moms on top of the latest news about where to go and what to do, including travel destinations and cultural to-dos
  • Style: encompassing the world of international style, featuring interviews with designers (who also happen to be moms), peeks inside the wardrobes of some of the world’s most fashion forward moms, profiles of brands and fashion labels as well as the always-fun Street Style
  • Meet Our Moms: providing readers with insider access to and information about incredibly fabulous destinations worldwide. Covering 8 cities, the Elizabeth Street guides feature the best hotels, restaurants, and boutiques as selected by stylish moms.


Elizabeth Street also has an iPad App that is, yes, also addictive…I mean wonderful!  The Elizabeth Street iPad app is a city guide created by a global network of some of the world’s most stylish moms. On it, you can find out where to get the most delish birthday cake in Los Angeles, where London’s choosiest moms send their children to school, which restaurants are the best in Madrid for family dining, and so on. Though I have no immediate plans to send Sweetly Six to school in London or visit Madrid, this application inspires big dreaming and makes me feel like quite the international tastemaker mom with insider information, which is really FUN!

What I especially love about Elizabeth Street is it’s important philanthropic component. Each mother’s participation is rewarded by a donation to a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in her community. How Silver Lined is that?

I hope that you enjoy this new website and iPad application as much as I do!  Look forward to seeing you on Elizabeth Street!

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