Welcome to Santa Barbara

This month, I am incredibly honored to be included in Santa Barbara Magazine‘s Best of 2013 issue. Santa Barbara Magazine has always been one of my absolute favorite periodicals, so having the opportunity to be a part of it and share some of my favorite things to do in my favorite town is a major Silver Lining!

This issue happens to be one of my favorite of the year. The magazine is divided so beautifully into well organized and easily accessible sections, including Home, Garden, Entertaining, Food & Wine, Sports, Kids, The Arts, Getaways, Out & About and finally, The Reason We Live Here (which, if you’ve ever been here, you definitely knowwwww!).

This issue will make you go ahead and commit to making a reservation to visit. And fair warning, when you’re here, you’ll try every which way to figure out how to stay longer (or even move here, which is what the HOTY and I did 3 weeks after our first visit – seriously).

And yes, Santa Barbara is as wonderful as you imagine it will be (Silver Lining!). So, pick up Santa Barbara magazine and start planning!


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  1. Diane says

    What a lovely photo of you and what an honor to spread your brilliant suggestions to more and more people. Kudos, Ms Holley! It's been about four years since I visited your beautiful city. I loved the sailing as much as the opportunities to run around in the mountains. One summer hike led us into some nice little pools of refreshing water to play in. I feel inspired to go get my feet in the canyons and mountains that make my town a retreat for healing. In case you want to get your hiking boots dusty in the Grand Canyon someday, let me know and I would gladly take you for a trek.

  2. E.B. says

    Your posts about Santa Barbara (and Frances') always get me thinking about moving back. No matter how many years I have been living across the country, California will always be home. Grew up going to Santa Barbara, absolutely love that area, it is truly magical.

  3. says

    With the 8 inches of snow we got in yesterday's storm in Omaha, I am ready to pack for a vacation to Santa Barbara today! I WISH! California dreamin'…….

    • says

      Oh how fun it would be if you could come to visit! In the meantime, hope you will keep dreaming about it. The Silver Lining is that they are great dreams! 🙂