Santa Barbara Magazine!

In the new Santa Barbara magazine, I am honored to have had the opportunity to contribute a Style story (my first!) on Angela Scott and her company, The Office of Angela Scott. Super exciting and a great Silver Lining of the week!

Santa Barbara magazine happens to be my favorite magazine. In fact, it was my favorite magazine even before I moved to Santa Barbara. Reading it always lifts my spirits and inspires me. And to add (buttercream) icing on the cake, Angela Scott is an absolutely dear, talented, wise and fabulous person. Getting to know her was an absolute Silver Lining! Enjoy the issue!

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  1. says

    I also blogged about Angela Scott in my "Girls will be Boys" post and pinned her pinkie shoes on Pinterest;
    that was a fun afternoon wasn't it?! I love her old world sensibility of making these kind of shoes with a modern twist. And look at you Ms. Interviewer! You'll be going all Katie Couric on us!
    Hope you can still deem to dejeauner demain! xx SP