Saturday Sweeps: EastOver


Happy EastOver Everyone! The HOTY (a/k/a Husband Of The Year, which he still is, by the way!) and I were comparing our holiday calendars this spring and were delighted to see that Passover and Easter are happening on the SAME weekend this year!  What a Silver Lining!

I was raised as an Irish Catholic (the Irish part means that I love Guinness beer and anything played on a bodhran) and the HOTY is Jewish. We celebrate everything in our home!

Jon Stewart had the best line on The Daily Show:

My wife is Catholic. I am Jewish. We are raising our kids to be Guilty.

Classic, right? While we are definitely NOT raising our kids to be guilty (I had enough guilt to last a lifetime and find that it is definitely not a motivator!), we are raising them to celebrate all types of spirituality and celebrations that this beautiful life has to offer (Silver Lining).

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    I am getting in the habit of reading your blog everyday even when rushed, and always I take away something. Sometimes a major eye opening moment of revelation, and other times the more mundane…just ordered my new fiber cereal to try. Keep it coming my dear friend!