Silver Lined Discoveries: Decor with Food


When it comes to spontaneous creativity, especially in the home-making part of my life, I am a complete doofus. Seriously. I get all inspiration and motivation and ideas from magazines and the web. Thank heavens for the brilliance of others (Silver Lining)!

I’m always looking for fun ways to serve (healthy!) food to kids. When I came across this  not only healthy, but festive and fun presentation, I did a little happy dance!  I’m hoping that Sweetly Six (who happens to love strawberries and blueberries) and her pals are as excited about this idea as I am!

We (she is so much more engaged when we do projects like this together!) are off to the local grocer to buy the snow cone cups and then to the farmer’s market for the fruit.

What a fun activity this will be today (Silver Lining)!

Idea and image from Better Homes and Garden

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