Silver Lined Discoveries: A Perfect Tote!


MAJOR Silver Lined discovery, folks. How adorable is this tote bag?  I mean, really? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

It was created by Jessica Lynne Constable, an accessories designer in Chicago.  I wish I had known her when I lived in Chicago, because I’m thinkin’ that we would have been pals, what with our shared Silver Lining philosophy., $48

This tote cuteness is her first collaboration with illustrator Ann Shen. It is a silver metallic cloud screen printed on large heavy duty starched canvas tote bag. How fun would this be  as an errand-running tote…especially when there is a schlep factor involved? Talk about a mood enhancer (Silver Lining)!

On another note, I hope it goes without saying (but I feel compelled to say it anyway), I tell you about products that I love just because I love ’em. I don’t get paid or compensated for any endorsement whatsoever. I just wanted you to know that (because, yes, I have been asked).

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