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  1. Todd Jacobs says


    Want to wish you a belated Thanksgiving shoutout and a current Hanukah shoutout. The photos you are posting are truly beautiful. Also want to share with you one of my current pleasures: The radio show Wiretap with Jonathan Goldstein. Its on NPR here at 11 AM. Funny, thoughtful and very clever. Check it out.

    Peace, love and painfree days,


  2. Amy says

    Thought about you on Thanksgiving – Jeff & I are thankful for you & your amazing stamina & good cheer. We are thankful for our silver linings.

  3. Carol says

    Hello All Silver Liners!

    Counting my blessings from the simplest joy of knowing how to type! and have a computer! and be able to keep in touch and wish you all happy holidays!
    My fave quote from Garrison Keillor when he signs off his NPR show:
    "Be Well, Do Good Things, and Keep In Touch!!