So, You're Coming to Santa Barbara

So, you’re coming to Santa Barbara?  Well, my oh my, let me be the first person to say WELCOME and get ready to have some FUN!

We natives (I’m not really a native, but like to say that I am!) are always asked, “What are the Must-Do’s in Santa Barbara?”  I have my favorite list and friend’s have their favorite lists, but I’m happy to now be able to direct people to the Santa Barbara Magazine Best of 2012 Issue…hot off the presses!

The magazine is divided so beautifully into well organized and easily accessible sections, including Home, Garden, Entertaining, Food & Wine, Sports, Kids, The Arts, Getaways, Out & About and finally, The Reason We Live Here (which, if you’ve ever been here, you definitely knowwwww!).

This issue will make you go ahead and commit to making a reservation to visit. And fair warning, when you’re here, you’ll try every which way to figure out how to stay longer (or even move here, which is what the HOTY and I did 3 weeks after our first visit – seriously).

And yes, Santa Barbara is as wonderful as you imagine it will be (Silver Lining!). So, pick up Santa Barbara magazine and start planning!

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  1. Vince Kamin says

    My assistant, Steve Pranica, went west to work with Herb Ritts, years ago. He was a young
    eager-beaver. I told him to finish college. But no, he was hell-bent. He worked with other
    great talents there. Often I would get calls questioning his skills–since he looked awfully
    young at the time. Glad he made it big out there. Herb's favorite work for me was his work with Cindy Crawford, whom, we had also worked with. When I lived in
    SoHo she was a neightbor at the old police station in Little Italy when she was married to
    Richard Gere. Design is often everything in photography. His work will endure because
    he shot what he wanted to with integrity. Cut short, his life would have been more dynamic had he lived. His legacy tho remains in full nonetheless!


    I love reading The Silver Pen! I used to live in Santa Monica..I traveled up the coast to Santa Barbara with my friend..the magic and luminescense have never left my mind..I should have been a Santa Barbara gal..but I moved to Colorado and the rest is history. I want to return for a visit…do you know of any nice places to stay for a gal on a budget? Are there any nice hostels there? or inexpensive, clean hotels? I want to come out for a week..take lots of photos and bask in the magic again. 😉