Spring has Sprung!

This is the first week of Spring and I am so excited about it! There is no feeling like that first spring in my step (pun intended).

Spring reminds me of when The HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and Finally Five used to take long bike rides throughout Chicago to go “tulip hunting”. It was their favorite Springtime activity (Silver Lining), especially since Chicago is known for its spectacularly beautiful and omnipresent tulips on the Magnificent Mile.

Tulips on the Magnificent Mile

I have always viewed the season of Spring as the time for renewal, new beginnings and growth. This particular Spring is exactly this for me and my family. I can say with joy and peace in my heart that we are fully prepared and eager to welcome this glorious season. March came in like a lion and is about to leave as a lamb (and NOT because of the weather!).

Today has been an extraordinarily magical and Silver (actually Platinum!) Lined day.  Unexpected and utterly transformative gifts have been given to us from near and far. The kind of gifts that have made me stop (to a screeching halt, I might add) and think, with profound awe and gratitude, that this world is a truly wonderful place.

No matter how trying, dark and even devastating cirucmstances can be at times, a light shines to change perspective or provide an answer.  If we look for the light that is a Silver Lining, it will be there.

I wish you a Silver Lined Spring Season, fully of renewal, new beginnings and growth..and the joy that comes from all!  It is from a place of profound gratitude for all that is good in the world and my life that I write this post.

Spring is life,
Spring is hope,
So is love and happiness.
Spring renews.
Without spring, life is forlorn.
Spring is nostalgia after a bitter storm.
Put spring in your heart.

~Archie Greenidge

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  1. diane says

    I've never shared this before, but this time of year, when one day its warm and the next snow, when the tulips are poking themselves up from the cold, I talk to them….I tell them, keep coming, I'm so happy to see you again…
    Spring, a HUGE SL, can't wait to see my dogwood in bloom again….