Strength in the Broken Places

As I am nearing the completion of my daily treatments (Silver Lining), this quote keeps popping in my mind…let’s just say that I am feeling hopeful and starting to see the possibility of strength in the broken places.



The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

–Ernest Hemingway

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  1. says


    Strength comes from within and it has just amazed me how strong and resilent we can be when God provides grace and Silver Linings.It will be a month on Tuesday since my last radiation and I am feeling better and stronger every day. I know your strength has been a comfort to me as I hope mine has been a comfort to you. Last but certainly not least is that we can say we are sisters!! Love you sister in grace and strength.

  2. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Yes no doubt you will be stronger in "the broken places"..lovely quote. You radiate hope, generosity of love and inspirational strength to all.
    Thinking of you always…N and H

  3. Melissa says

    Love that quote, too! Your thoughts and words are so powerful and offer such wisdom. I am truly inspired by your strength. Love, Melissa

  4. Nancy says

    How wise to take this time alone, Ms Hollye. Soak in the" imaginal cells" that bring the caterpillar to the butterfly. Pain, messiness ,love, loss ,grit and grace brought you to this place and gave you a wiser tender version of yourself.Your old life will tug at your sleeve and people will want you to return to "the old Hollye". But you, sweet child, have left her in the chrysalis . I see you you drying your new damp wings in the sun..feeling fully the new being you birthed in yourself.

  5. Kim says

    You have got it Hollye. To find beauty in the broken and what some would call ugly. It is in the cracks – that the light shines through. Keep going – it is a beautiful journey.

  6. terri hutchins says

    hollye, i am a friend of nini and jeff hillebrand. nini spoke to me about your friendship. started reading the blog from the beginning, so inspiring! this is the best quote so far from Ernest Hemingway. Really love every single article you write from shoes to food, but the knowledge you bring to this disease is the most important. i will never stop reading. terri hutchins

  7. Amy says

    The challenge is always how do we react to the broken pieces. You've clearly risen above the challenge and I'm so thankful you're almost finished with this next phase.