Super Soul Sunday with Gary Zukav

Recently I came across Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays which airs on Sunday mornings on OWN. Get it? Like Super Bowl…but for the Soul. I happen to think that it is really clever (Silver Lining) especially since I’m feeling as though I’m in need of a little soul tune-up.

Super Soul Sundays is wonderful programming that is “designed to help viewers awaken their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them.” And, in a world filled with Hunger Games (in which…well, I can’t even say it…you know who kills whom in this film & books), I feel driven…no compelled toward goodness and inspiration.

While perusing this inspiring site, I was super delighted and excited to see our friend Gary Zukav interviewed.

The HOTY (a/k/a Husband Of The Year for new readers) and I have had the honor of knowing Gary Zukav for a long time. I have to say that he as amazing as you imagine (& hope) him to be (Silver Lining).  In fact, the times I’ve been around him have made me being me feel happier, more peaceful and even, dare I say it, more enlightened.

Anyhoo, on one of Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, Gary and Oprah sit down for a conversation to discuss the concept of authentic power.  According to Gary, “authentic power is when the personality comes fully to serve the energy of the soul.”  I think this is so cool and I’m inspired to dust off my copy of The Seat of the Soul for a reread.

Prior to watching the video of their dialogue on, I suggest reading Gary’s terrific blog post explaining the meaning and utilization of authentic power.

Authentic power is the real deal. You can’t inherit it, buy it or win it. You also can’t lose it. You don’t need to build your body, reputation, wealth or charisma to get it. None of that can help you when it comes to creating authentic power. Anyone can become authentically powerful. Even a rockstar or the president of the United States can become authentically powerful, although just being a rockstar or president is no guarantee of authentic power.

The only way to become authentically powerful is to create authentic power. You cannot wish, want or command authentic power into your life, although you can try. Wishing, wanting and commanding don’t give you any traction when it comes to creating authentic power. Creating authentic power requires commitment, courage and discipline that far exceed those of a professional athlete or accomplished artist. The skills that athletics and art—or any other profession—require are limited in usefulness to athletics, art or the profession. The skills that are required to create authentic power can be used in every circumstance, every situation, with every person. They are (1) the ability to distinguish within yourself the difference between love and fear, and (2) choosing love all the time, no matter what is happening inside you or outside you.

When the pain of anger, guilt, loss, grief, resentment, fear, jealousy or rage stab, throb, ach and tear at you, that is the time to create authentic power by not acting on it. When chaos, dissolution, dysfunction or violence surround you, that is the time to create authentic power by not reacting to it. You decide what you will say and do, not your internal or external circumstances. You choose to be patient when impatience roars through you, to be silent when you want to shout, to listen when you feel compelled to speak. You choose the healthiest intentions and actions you can reach for, no matter what. Like an accomplished athlete or professional, your performances are dazzling, but only you see them. They are not to manipulate or control others, not to vanquish, gain, impress or win the prize. They are to stand on the ground of your own sanity and humanity, no matter what. This is the real deal. Are you interested?

– Gary Zukav

You can learn more about Gary’s Seat of the Soul Institute at

Now, be sure to go to to watch more Seat of the Soul inspiration.  It is so heart warming and soul fueling (Silver Lining)!

I wish you all a Soulful, Silver Lined Sunday!



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    I am finally getting around to reading this and am so grateful to you Hollye for posting it. Yet again you strike just the right chord and just the right time, and this has given me the lift I needed. Thank you.