T is Terrific


T Magazine (both in print and online) is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, from travel to food to fashion. The publication is the perfect combination of aesthetic sense and intellectual curiosity (Silver Lining).

Sally Singer was named the Editor nearly two years ago (I continue to ask myself: where on earth has the time gone?) and has done an amazing job by taking the publication to a whole new level!

Prior to taking the helm at T, Ms. Singer worked in a variety of roles. She was the fashion news and features director at Vogue, the fashion director at New York magazine and an editor at the London Review of Books, and she has written for The Economist and The Atlantic Monthly. She studied at the University of California at Berkeley and Yale.

This week, I am particularly smitten with the story, “Brunch on a Budget in Paris’s 10th Arrondissement.” Having just been there with the HOTY, this story makes me long for a cafe au lait and croissant outside, watching the world go by…which is, I think, the most joyous way to spend a day!

Photos by  Lindsey Tramuta

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