The Gift of Gratitude

On three different occasions today, I was (joyously!) stopped in my tracks by the Gift of Gratitude.

First, the Gift of Gratitude came because a dear friend schlepped a long way with her two young girls for a 48-hour visit. She came because, “Nothing replaces girlfriends being together.” She is so right.  Since my diagnosis, I have been astounded by the generosity, patience, support and love given by so many people, in so many ways.  My friend’s visit brought back a flood of beautiful memories of kindness and magnanimity shone to me and my family over the past 9+ months (Silver Lining).

Secondly, the Gift of Gratitude came because we took Finally Five for two pre-kindergarten vaccinations.  Getting the vaccinations didn’t exactly inspire gratitude, but as she was screaming bloody murder in my arms with crocodile tears streaming down her apple-red cheeks, what I felt was gratitude for being the person in our family diagnosed with and treated for cancer. I imagined how awful it would have been to have seen her (or the HOTY) poked, prodded, bald and sick. I was grateful that it was me (Silver Lining).

Thirdly, the Gift of Gratitude came from a dear reader. She emailed me today to tell me that next week she “gets to start chemo.”  She has had many health issues preventing her from beginning her chemo regimen.  Her perception is that she “gets to start chemo” rather than that she “has” to start chemo. A very subtle difference in semantics, but big difference in meaning and philosophy (Silver Lining). Despite how insanely sick I was, prior to the infusion of every chemo infusion, I said “thank you” for helping me remove the FBC from my body.

Today I was reminded that gratitude is the best attitude.

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily.

~Gerald Good



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  1. Kim says

    You had to dig deep to be grateful for some of these things. To be grateful that it was you who had cancer and not your child or husband – your compassion runs deep.

    We can begin to heal ourselves and the whole world with these thoughts of loving kindness. Then to share them on this blog to help others is a meaningful pursuit. I look forward to your blog each morning. It gets me off on the right foot each day!!
    I too had complications that were going to keep me from having chemo. I thanked God the day my infection cleared and I could begin treatment. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  2. betty lindstrom says

    What a beautiful posting today. My best friend and neighbor just had her breast cancer surgery this week and all is well with her. Huge!!! SL. Off to yoga, a beautiful day for continuing to strengthen my body and soul. Betty Lindstrom

  3. nina appel says

    Hollye, you continue to be a source of inspiration for all of your readers and fans. It is we who are grateful to you for teaching us to celebrate life at all times. I find that I read you every day, and because of that, I feel that I have come to know you as a friend. Much love to you and to the family.