Friday Fitness: 3 Reasons To Go Hiking

3 Reasons to Go Hiking

Hiking is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It allows me to clear my my mind, move my body, get some fresh air, and soak up the beauty & magic of Santa Barbara. The Silver Lining is that it also gives me a great work out both physically and mentally that I can’t get at an indoor gym.

Here are my 3 favorite reasons to go hiking:

1. It’s simple. Hiking is just an extension of something we do everyday (walking!) So you don’t have to “know how” to hike. It’s simple! And because everyone has the ability to do it, you can go at your own pace and build up stamina over time.

2. It’s Free (as long as you live here!). I don’t know about the hiking trails near you, but every where I have ever been hiking is free! If that’s not a Silver Lining I don’t know what is.

3. It’s Real. I personally believe this is the best reason to hike. It pulls me away from my computer screen, phone screen, TV screen… (you get the picture!) Hiking allows each of us the opportunity to experience the world directly without an instagram filter. Even if you hike the same trail several times, the beauty and nature around you just never gets old.

Here are a few photos of Buzz and me hiking Old Pueblo Trail in Santa Barbara last weekend. Enjoy!



DSC-0025Yes, Buzz sits in the front seat of the car when he travels with me! He loves it! He would sit there all day if I would let him.






DSC-0151When we got home, Buzz sprinted out of the car and into the swimming pool to cool off! I don’t blame him… it was hot!! (Well… hotter than normal in Santa Barbara!)

Photography by Mark Skovorodko:

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  1. johnross says

    they are called “mans best friend” for a reason. mine was named blotter . he and i grew up together. it was the absolute best . by the way, guest his breed.

  2. Inni says

    Beautiful pictures of Santa Barbara trails. Next time I visit California, hiking trails are on my wish list, the scenery is quite amazing. I do a lot of walking by the sea where I live, we don’t have the same altitude changes but the impact is still great – quite often I get to a flow where nature observations replace nicely the buzz of smartphones etc.

    Would you have a good tip where to best find your recent posts. I read your posts during the weekend and struggle to find the recent posts, only the latest one is visible. I might not have seen how to do it but tips are appreciated. Thank you an have a great weekend – and hike!

    • silverpen says

      Thanks for your note, Inni. Your walks sound amazing.
      All of the most recent posts are on the home page.
      Do you subscribe to the blog? If so, on Tuesdays you will get an email with all of the posts of the week. Hope that this helps!
      xx Hollye