Timing is Everything

Winston Churchill.  The Man. The Legend. The Inspiration.

Lots of great things have happened  today (SL). I was able to see a dear and wonderful and fabulous friend visiting from New York; the sun shone brightly, several people sent the kindest and most thoughtful gestures of love; and a wonderful friend delivered a spectacular dinner tonight. How great is that?  How blessed am I?  The depth of my gratitude is limitless.

Now, despite all of today’s SL’s, the day has been a real F-bomb kind of day. Funk city over here at Brookside.  I have to admit it.  Probably has something to do with the fact that I have had excruciating pain for a solid 8 days, my brain works about 12% of the day (on a good day!) and I’m constantly being told what I “can’t” do.  Hmmm…so NOT how I roll!

Then, lo and behold, one of my dearest friends sent two of the most perfectly timed quotes (have I mentioned how much I LOVE quotes?).  She didn’t even know about the F-bomb kind of day. Even though it was a yucky day, I am going to bed (yes…at 8:00!) thinking about these thoughts!  Thank you MHB for these beautiful SL’s!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

– Winston Churchill

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.

– John Wooden

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  1. karen bookshesterboo says

    Dearest Hollye
    What a trooper you are
    Gald those grenades are gone,had them once (stupid boob reduction 5 yrs ago)they were awful so…I know how much better to have them gone,,,
    Each small tiny weeny change that makes you feel a tiny weeny better gives you a bit more courage for the next moment
    Hopefully you have ooodles of SL's and no stincko F bombs
    Love to you
    and to JJ and precious Children
    oooxxxx to you all
    Karkarboo and Den too

  2. Susan says

    Terrible about pain management (lack thereof). I am so sorry! When we know so much why do the experts fail? Hope you are sleeping undisturbed.

    I have movies to suggest to add to your list for you and the 4 3/4 .

    1. Wizard of Oz ( I could not believe how enchanted "my" little boys were when I first showed it. We are now in our 3rd showing.)
    2. Pinocchio (Loved it, loved it. except when it was scary.)
    3. My Neighbor Totoro (Initial reaction was a bit of doubt on another of Grandma Susan's ideas. Loved it.)