A Valuable Lesson in Following Intuition

A Valuable Lesson

A Valuable Lesson

This is my first week back at work and on the road, which required every bit of mental and physical strength that I could muster. My first trip was to the great state of Texas. Earlier this year I was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at the Pink Alliance annual luncheon fundraiser, Surviving & Thriving, in College Station, Texas (home of Texas A&M).

The luncheon was a sold out event with over 700 (!!!!) in attendance. Last week, I became a little panic-y about going. After all, it was my first time on a flight in over 6 weeks, I was going by myself AND the event was sold out! Ohhhh, AND it was a mere 5 weeks ago that I had my surgery and I was still feeling only about 70% strong. Both the HOTY (Husband Of The Year) and my doctor thought that I was nuts to make this trip, assuring me that everyone would understand if I needed to reschedule.

However, my intuition said to go. I now know to trust my intuition, always and in all ways. So, I decided to make the trip. Now it wasn’t to say that I wasn’t scared witless, after all, my brain cells are still not fully functioning and I become winded if I walk more than 20 minutes (considering that I was going through the ENORMOUS Dallas Fort Worth airport, mobility was going to be part and parcel of this trip). But, I knew in my heart of hearts that I was supposed to go.

Now, the travel was indeed EXHAUSTING. Oh dear heavens to Betsy. It didn’t help that my flight was delayed from Los Angeles to Dallas which meant that I landed with a mere 15 minutes to make my connecting flight, which meant not walking through the airport but RUNNING…at 9:00 at night (about 3 hours after my jammies are usually on!). Uh huh. Despite being unable to breathe from the physical exercise, my spirit was calm, knowing that all would be well.

And you know what? Everything was better than well, it was spectacular.

From the moment I walked into the room, instead of feeling out of my mind frightened (which would have been an easy route for me to travel considering the size of the audience), I redirected my anxiety to take in the environment. Each and every person in the room had been impacted in some way by FBC, whether directly or indirectly. I have always said that FBC doesn’t happen to one person, it happens to family, friends and community as well. Well, this was an amazing community of people with the best energy! The event was a great celebration of life, friendship and health. It was my complete honor and privilege to have this opportunity and to be with these phenomenal people!

Surviving and Thriving

This is what a room of 750 people looks like!!

surviiving and thriving

This is Theresa who won a copy of The Silver Lining.

pink alliance

More information on the amazing Pink Alliance organization.

* Photography by Daniela Weaver.

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