January Rejuvenation: We Must Always Change Renew Rejuvenate Ourselves

We Must Always Change Renew Rejuvenate Ourselves

This month’s Special Silver Lining is the concept of Rejuvenation. When I think about a New Year, I inevitably think about renewal, change and, of course, the opportunity to rejuvenate. According to Webster’s dictionary, rejuvenation means to give new strength or energy to (something).

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Even though it is inevitable and will always – without fail – happen, change (from the teesny things to the big ones!) is difficult for many people to handle. When dealing with change, I believe that it is imperative to look at it from the perspective of having a choice, i.e., “I can be devastated or paralyzed by it” or “I can grow with or from it.”

It’s not to say that change is easy. No way, no how.  Even good change can be challenging. But if we think about playing an active role in our response to whatever we face, then – depending on the choice that you make – you may just find a Silver Lining or two!

Wishing you a month of rejuvenation, strength and energy!



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    Dear Hollye,
    Happy New Year! I wanted to share this article with you. It is about accessing your risk of breast cancer. One part I find particularly interesting is that the State of California is notifying women with dense breasts of their increased risk. I am from Seattle and I am not sure that is happening here. I had dense breasts and was never told of my risk. My tumor was 1.9 cm and they couldn't see it on the mammogram. I think it is so important that women know about this risk factor.

    Just wanted to share this thought.