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Valentines day 2011. No fancy plans. No hoopla.

One of my Valentines is asleep with balloons in her room and half a cupcake in her belly. My main Valentine is laying down, wearing her cashmere “thinking” cap, scarf and flannel cupcake pajamas.

Not wanting to be the odd man out I joined them in nightshirt and robe. Comfy. Maybe Hefner had it right all these years?

Valentine’s Day 2011 ushers in a new rhythm. Not trying to plan the perfect day. No fighting with a restaurant for an 8pm reservation (“Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day. Why do you think I am calling you for a reservation at 8pm?”).

Just hope for a peaceful day where my Valentines feel good, eat a few meals and try to sleep through the night. Priorities shift fast when health is involved. What was seemingly important becomes irrelevant. A good night of sleep is the best gift that can appear for someone who’s not well.

I read something interesting over the weekend about a couple who have been married a long time and decided that they give or purchase gifts for each other, not when Hallmark or the prescheduled holiday suggests or demands, but when they feel like it. For no reason at all, just because they want to do something for their spouse. Out of love, not obligation or social dictate. They give gifts not necessarily from a store, but of consideration or service.

So, I am going to go look at the tulips sent to me from my Valentines and go seek out the other half of the cupcake that my Valentine  love left me to enjoy.

I am a lucky man and maybe next Feb. 14th I can get that 8pm reservation after all…….

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  1. Lorena says

    You two are so beyond words!! This world is a better place because you two exist, and we are better people because of what we learn from you!! Happy belated Valentines day, my friends!

  2. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Agreed! The best Valentine's day is a cozy night at home with the family you love…you were right! Thinking of you all…