The Hospital-Visiting Husband

Well, the patient has to spend one more  night in the hospital with what turns out to be a gigantic bout of Sinusitis. Talk about adding insult to injury. Chemo is not enough for one to deal with? Sinus infection? FFS.

It’s not bad enough to suffer all the insults to ones body and psyche thru surgery and chemo?

It’s hard to watch and be helpless.

Our daughter, a/k/a Finally Five misses her mommy. “Where are you going? Why do you have to go to the hospital?” she asks.

Finally Five asks everyone regardless of age, “How old are you?”   I introduced her to a couple of business associates today and after hello she asked them “How old are you?” A friend suggested that she is performing her own form of calculus to determine how long people live. Interesting idea.

So here we are, 4 out of 6 chemo’s done, surgery done for the moment, radiation in the future, but now, sinus infection, weak, no appetite………’s not fair, but what is?

Silver Lining was hard to find today, but it was sunny and warm and I had a cupcake with Finally Five which did help.

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  1. April says

    I am always thinking of you and Bryan's Father battling this horrible diease. Keep up or strength and positivity. It inspires so many. You are an amazing example.
    I hope you get lots of sleep and hydration, go home soon, and spend some special time with your daughter.
    I can see you two writing a book together through this!

  2. joanie says

    Watching and hanging in there Despite feeling helpless takes a very special Hospital Visiting Husband…and you so deserve that cupcake and those very special women in your life. Blessings and prayers all round.

  3. roxie solakian says

    I agree with everyone you are our SL
    I bet the nurses love you, I am sure you make there day

  4. Patsy says

    Cupcakes always help!
    I love reading your honest words
    I had my body turn on me last year.
    The pain and frustration were brutal but I am standing here now telling you
    that it WILL end one day and you will be better then new!!
    I promise you
    ps… I really want a cupcake now 🙂

  5. Patty Pian says

    Hi Hollye- Sending good wishes to you during your hospital stay-I am still doing bedside nursing so I know being inpatient can be "difficult" for many reasons-hope you get hydrated quickly and go home before the weekend starts! Your blog is amazing and inspires me. I have been telling some of the kids to try coconut water to stay hydrated-it also comes in different flavors now(pineapple, mango, passion fruit..)-plain flavor seems to be the most popular if nausea is an issue-it is not very sweet at all. Good Luck-Love-Patty

  6. Ginni says

    I am just so sorry for all this to be happening! I hope today is the day you go home and have another cupcake with Finally Five….
    Because of you….I look for AND find SL's everywhere. YOU are such a gift in my life. I love you! xoxox