The HOTY Report


Hello to all BrooksideBuzzers and Ships at Sea.

Reporting live from Jackson Hole, Wy. As in Oming.

The question I am asked most often other than “Why are you such a fantastic golfer?” is:

“How is the patient?”

Today we took the tram to the top of the mountain, 10,400 feet to the summit.

We consumed a fantastic waffle and she decided to run down, you heard me, RUN.

The ranger at the top of the mountain said: “It’s 7.4 miles down and will take 3 hours.”

I took the tram down, Sunday NYTimes in tow and settled at the bottom with coffee and the paper for a happy morning.

One hour and 15 minutes later there she was, no kidding, red faced but in one piece. She ran the whole way down.

I hardly had time to finish the business section.

Wait….. there is more.

Barely an hour rest and we went off on an 8 mile hike. Her idea not mine.

It’s Sunday and my job is to read the paper and decide where to go for lunch.

No way, 8 miles.

So to answer your questions, she is strong, determined, smiling and determined to ruin my Sunday’s.

I love it!

Over and out.

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  1. Kim says

    Wow!! The run down must have been empowering and such an accomplishment! It's raining here in Vancouver this morning, so was planning to cozy in and read the paper. After reading this, I'm inspired to put on a cap and get out there…after the paper;)
    Thanks you for ruining my Monday! ha ha ha!

  2. Merryl says

    JJ you are truly the most awesome HOTY ever!!! You two are so blessed to have each other and we are all so blessed to have you both in our lives!!!

  3. beth wexner says

    Simply reading run and miles in the same sentence made my back "HURT". I am so thrilled that you are all enjoying wonderful and clean mountain air. It sounds delicios …. as does the waffle. My brother – whose wife had had lung cancer (and is doing AMAZING) said exactly the same thing when they were in the thick of treatment. People – with big eyes and whispered expressions would say …. "How is your poor wife?" He would respond with a smile from ear to ear …at the top of his lungs………."SHE IS OUTSTANDING!!" AMEN for outstanding! Happy last days of summer to you all. Love, Beth