The HOTY Returns: Cashmere Kop

Hi from beautiful San Francisco. We are all hanging out during the Radiation Relocation.

Great news: hair is growing back. Even better news is that it feels like cashmere!  Figures doesn’t it?!?  I can’t stop rubbing her head. It feels like she got it from Loro Piana.

The color is interesting , kinda vicuna/greyish. Sure to be the hot color for fall.


The post chemo hair regrowth look. Vicuna.

Hopefully we are in the final stretch of treatment and time for recovery.

To Infinity and Beyonnnnnd!

– Buzz Lightyear

Over and out from The Husband.


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  1. Nancy says

    You will have the hair of a lions mane..and all of the power that comes with that!
    I'll be in Chicago and San Francisco next week.
    Let's grab a coffee in SF if you have time on Thursday or Friday. Saturday… TEDX!

  2. Laura McGrew says

    What wonderful words to read – "the final stretch of treatment and time for recovery."
    Take care,