The Husband Abides

Great to have her moving about again. A walk here and there, maybe an hour at a party for the holidays? Her pain subsiding, plumbing working, me no longer on shower or 3am pharmacy duty. Now responsible for taking the new dog Carter aka Buzz out at 6:30am. He’s a great addition to the family, sweet and cuddly. Everybody resting up for phase 2, chemo starts on Dec.27th. All in the family working on the new rhythms, looking forward to all the holidays, birthdays and such. Enjoy your health. Over and out. TH

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  1. Laura McGrew says

    I think perhaps everyone ought to follow your words and work on discovering "new rhythms" .. such a good thought.
    Thank you and give my love to the Wife.

  2. karen bookshesterboo says

    Buzz is beautiful
    It is wonderful to have such a warm fuzzy in your home
    …Dogs are wonderful
    Love to you all
    karkarboo and den