The Husband and Bambino Parade Into 2011

Leaving the lady of the  house in good hands with some of her pals, 4 3/4 and I took off for Pasadena, Dec.31st at noon.

We stayed at an old classic hotel, the Huntington, and had a Daddy/Daughter New Years Eve trip together.

Daddy trips are one-on-one trip adventures with my kids that have been a tradition of mine for a long time. Daddy trips started with my boys when they were each about 5, and became an annual tradition with each one.

We would spend months talking about where to go (sporting events were frequent destinations) then plan the trip, and finally go. I would put myself in full kid mode and pretty much whatever they wanted to do or eat was fine with me. I wanted it to be their trip, their way, with boundaries of course, but not many. Great bonding and talking time and many memories of our special events and destinations, including Detroit, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Memphis, Philadelphia, Charlotte, New Orleans, Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, The Dells, Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Israel, Fr. Lauderdale, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and in later years, Vegas.

Anyway, 4 3/4 was great! She packed 2 days before we left and had all her princesses’ and coloring books in tow. We had room service for dinner, her favorite hotel activity.

I woke her up at 6am New Years Day and tried to do her hair (if you call a pony tail with stuff sticking out every which way a hairdo). A baseball hat is actually a good cover up for a bad daddy hair dresser day!

We had a quick bagel and nutricious hash browns and off we went to the 122nd Rose Bowl Parade!

We were in our seats by 7:30 and at 8am sharp the parade started!  She wanted Tootsie Rolls as soon as we sat down, ok no problem cuz then I could bust out (and eat) the Hershey’s Kisses that were in our snack bag. Candy at 7:30am is a great way to start 2011! Don’t tell her mom!

The seats were great. It was cool, but the sun came out and the weather was perfect.

It was my first time attending the Rose Bowl Parade. The floats are amazing in their size, detail and creativity! Waterfalls, fireworks, dogs surfing, every float had something creative and all made from flowers. And of course, they didn’t forget the marching bands.

I loved the Discover float with a moving ferris wheel and a live pie-eating contest!

Discover Float

4 3/4 loved the Castle Float with Fireworks, of course.

Castle Float

Great memories and a special time with my daughter. The daddy trip female version has officially begun!

May 2011 bring us all , good health, special family times and peace of mind.

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  1. Rob Jacobs says

    I didn't realize just the 2 of you went…how cool! One of Hilary's favorite trips was up to Mt. Shasta and we would sleep in a caboose.

  2. Cynthia says

    The daddy trip sounds amazing! Did Finley notice that the castle float looks just like her gingerbread castle? You definitely win daddy of the year and the year just started :)