If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again

Parenting inspiration, thesilverpen.comRecently I came across this piece, If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again by Chief Dan George and was blown away. My life has been very busy and full lately. A little too full, I’m afraid to – though must – admit. In fact, tonight between trying to send emails while on a conference call and preparing dinner, I cut my finger with a knife. Shocker, right? Not.

However, Silver Linings seem to come when I need them the most and that is exactly what this piece has done for me.

Today is Suddenly Seven’s school camp-out, an all-inclusive hiking and camping trip replete with a traditional campfire and games. So, today, instead of worrying about obligations and deadlines, I am throwing (work) caution to the wind by taking the day off to  spend it with Suddenly Seven and her classmates at the beach and around a campfire.

If FBC taught me one thing it’s that we really do only get one time to raise our children and today is the day that I’m going spend focused on Suddenly Seven. That’s the best Silver Lining imaginable!



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  1. Kim C says

    From what I see here, you seem so aware of balance! This poem is a lovely reminder tho! Have a wonderful day with SS!

  2. E.B. says

    Hope you two have a fabulous camp-out day. Absolutely agree with you. I realize it is not feasible for a lot of us to take time off and spend it with the children, there are bills to be paid, fires to be put out, situations to handle. But, bottom line, when they grow up, what they do remember is times spent together, whether it was a big deal trip to Disneyland or just time spent together just talking and maybe having a tea party or two. They need to feel (and believe) they are more important than business deals and such, (although they should also know that it is those business deals and such that enable them to have a roof over their head, food on the table and time with Mom and Dad). It is a very intricate balance, but it can be achieved. One favorite memory is when my Mom took a day off from work (not an easy feat back then, not an easy feat now) to go on a school trip to the Santa Barbara Mission. A few other Moms (who did not work) also went. Never seen a more blissed-out bunch of kids. A school trip AND our Moms with us for the entire day, wow!