Inspiring YouTube Sensation Talia Joy Castellano Dies

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Unfortunately, I have just learned the sad, sad news that Talia Joy Castellano, the inspiring and uplifting YouTube sensation has died of cancer. Talia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, in 2007, and opted out of a potentially life-saving but risky bone-marrow transplant last year.

I wrote about Talia a few months ago and am so incredibly inspired by her positive outlook on life, while knowing that she was dying. Talia was a girl who balanced hope with reality better than anyone I’ve ever seen in my personal or professional life.

Just days before her death, Talia scribbled her bucket. My favorites were: “help a new-be with cancer” and “dance in the rain.”


Despite the fact that Talia was unable to fulfill everything on the list, many of her fans are carrying out her final wishes. What a beautiful Silver Lining.

In one of her last interviews, she was quoted as saying:

I don’t have any fears at this point. I feel like I have done the things that I’ve wanted to do which is bring attention to this. In 100 years I want people to remember me as the bubbly girl who wanted to do something about childhood cancer

May she Rest In Peace.

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  1. E.B. says

    Was having a difficult day at work when I got the news, suddenly people being snarky and difficult didn't matter one darn bit. That little girl was a special angel. She exemplified courage, love and joy of life. The world could learn a lot from her.