The Silver Lining Video Series: How to Talk With Children About Cancer

My beloved mother-in-law used to love the phrase, “It’s a Big Day.” She used the phrase quite liberally, which is one of the things that I adored about her. To think that we have lots of “Big Days” in our life is such a Silver Lining!

Well, today is a “Big Day” for The Silver Pen because today I am launching the first in a series of videos.  Yep. That’s right. The Silver Pen is going 3-D. Well, not 3-D, exactly…clearly I’m new in this arena!

The first video is “How to Talk With Children About Cancer.” It was super important for me to lead with this video because including children in a cancer diagnosis and treatment in the family is a top priority, yet so very (understandably!) challenging for families.

My greatest hope for this video is that it will provide some tools to help anyone who is diagnosed with cancer talk with the children in their lives.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas! You, dear readers, are such an inspiration and Silver Lining in my life!

A very special thanks to Michael Haber for his vision and direction, Elkin Antoniou of Liquid Worldwide for production and editing and Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last for the music!

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  1. Joy says

    A sincere thank you for providing a place to feel welcomed and not afraid.
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and I have been following your website.
    What a silver lining you have been for me.
    This video was done so well – short, sweet and clear – right to the point.
    Many sincere thanks for sharing and giving a voice and a place to go to – anytime – to not feel alone in the journey. Tight Hugs to you Hollye! ———Joy

  2. Kim C says

    This video is so calming, heart warming and informative. I got a little more than a lump in my throat watching it. Just lovely, and so glad you've added this medium to your blog, Hollye. It just keeps getting better!
    Kim :)

  3. Betsy Mead says

    Hi Hollye,
    Congratulations on your video series. I really liked the tone and content of the delivery of "How to
    talk to Children about Cancer". Straightforward, sensitive and honest. I look forward to seeing
    and hearing more. Seems like everyday now I'm getting another call about a friend or a friend
    of a friend. All of the information you impart is so helpful in talking to people on so many levels.
    Thank you.

  4. Catherine says

    Fantastic! You should be SO proud! What a great resource for families struggling with this horrible disease! A close friend is currently being treated for breast cancer, and I tried to explain it honestly and simply to my 4 year old twins!

  5. Carol Larinto says

    That was wonderful. My dad passed away a few years ago from cancer within only a couple of weeks from his diagnosis. He was a wonderful artist and loved kids and helping people. I am starting a foundation in his memeory that gives art supplies and art therapy for children with cancer. I would love to talk to you one day about using your video to help some of my team that I am forming.
    I get your emails everyday and you are such an inspiration. You attitude and spirt remid me of my dad.
    I hope we can combine our synergy one day and help children and others with cancer everywhere!

    • says

      Thank you so much for your note, Carol. I would be honored if you would use the video as a teaching tool for your wonderful and inspiring foundation. I can only imagine how proud your dad is of you! Sending all of my very best wishes to you!

  6. says

    Hollye, your video was so well done. It was almost like having a face to face with you.
    Including your children in a diagnosis and knowing how to talk to them is so important. You highlighted three essential points: 1) Encourage your child to ask questions.
    2) Maintain their routine of healthy meals and adequate sleep.
    3) Model hopeful and honest behavior and coping mechanisms.
    Your talk was short and sweet, but a very effective presentation. I feel I know you better having seen you in the video. You look beautiful and healthy. As did your two young people in the supporting cast. Was that sweetly six, ( or is she seven now)? She was lovely.

    • says

      Thanks very much, Carolee!
      These are such important and very doable actions that parents/adults of children can do. Having tools makes all the difference in the world!
      Yes, that was Sweetly Six. She made her cameo debut. Hee! Hee! The other young boy is a sweet and wonderful son of a friend.
      Thanks again for your note!

  7. Emily Mullranin says

    So proud of you, Hollye!
    The video is warm, clear, helpful and heart-full – a beautiful utilization of your gifts – YOU are a gift.

  8. Gladys says

    Dear Hollye,
    CONGRATULATIONS! what a marvelous video. You should try to get it to be showed in schools, it's so important school age children learn about this.
    Big hug.

    • says

      Thank you for your note, Gladys. I've actually done a fair amount of teaching in schools and love it. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher!
      Thanks, again!

  9. Isa says

    I am tremendously PROUD of you, Hollye, well done, indeed.

    I know I say it every time I doodle you a note, but it's the palpable truth, THANK YOU for your generosity of spirit and heart…it's simply golden.

    Toda mi admiracion y mi carino.

  10. says

    Hey Hollye! Great job on the video!! You hit all of the important
    points for sure! I'm always deeply touched by the efforts of cancer
    survivors who just want to give back and help others through their
    journey. To that end I have something I'd like to tell you about in
    greater length if you could email me back.

  11. Susan Rice says

    Dear Hollye, So thrilled to see the fruits of your thinking in creating the next stage of your communications! A terrific video. I'm sure you've already got your marketing plan figured out. I will share this with the next person I know who has cancer in her family. Susan