Friday's Fixin's: Stupendous Snacks

Since my breast cancer diagnosis (and especially in the bottomless pit of chemo despair), I have found that I am so much more focused on what I put into my body.

While I was a healthy eater prior to this FBC nonsense, I do admit to having some unhealthy proclivities, e.g., skipping the occasional meal…or having one “big” meal/day….or not getting enough fiber and a few other unmentionables. I am learning though…which is a Silver Lining!

Bambino Adventure: Alisal Ranch

Our daughter (a/k/a Finally Five) has not been herself lately, in all likelihood a combination of being fed up with my breast cancer (aren’t we all?) and being on the verge of a big developmental shift. I decided that now was as good a time as any to make a withdrawal from my Energy Bank and go on an overnight Mommy trip to the Alisal Ranch in Solvang, California. After a glorious day, I reflected on the quantity and quality of Silver Linings in my life.

Saturday Snapshots

I’ve realized that although I have a ridiculous (adverse) sensitivity to chemo, I also have a new and wonderfully heightened sensitivity to sights, smells and sounds (the sense of taste is long gone, a casualty of chemo).

I notice things. I pay attention. I walk slower. I take photographs. These are the Silver Linings of my experience with breast cancer.