Oil Organization

this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between cooking oils. For example, can I sautee with Olive Oil? What is the best type of Olive Oil to buy? When to use Canola oil? WTF is Safflower oil? Which oils are best avoided when cooking? The whole world of oils was so confusing…that is until Rachel Beller, MS, RD clarified it all for me (and now YOU!).

Friday's Fixin's: Fabulous Fiber

I’ve always known that fiber is good for you. Great for cleaning out, etc. However, since my breast cancer diagnosis, the importance of fiber has taken on a whole new, Silver Lined importance.

Friday's Fixin's: Stupendous Snacks

Since my breast cancer diagnosis (and especially in the bottomless pit of chemo despair), I have found that I am so much more focused on what I put into my body.

While I was a healthy eater prior to this FBC nonsense, I do admit to having some unhealthy proclivities, e.g., skipping the occasional meal…or having one “big” meal/day….or not getting enough fiber and a few other unmentionables. I am learning though…which is a Silver Lining!

Necessary Nutrition

Once breast cancer (or any kind of cancer for that matter) enters life, nutrition ascends to the top of the priority list and stays there throughout the trajectory of treatment…and beyond.

Incorporating a Registered Dietitian (RD) into your health care team is absolutely imperative because food plays a crucial role in supporting treatment, healing and preventing recurrence. (It also helps with cancer prevention, by the way, but I missed that part!)