BeautyCounter in Santa Barbara Magazine

Santa Barbara Magazine | The Silver Pen

This month, I am incredibly honored to be included in Santa Barbara Magazine‘s Best of 2015 issue. Santa Barbara Magazine has always been one of my absolute favorite periodicals, so having the opportunity to be a part of it and share some of my favorite things to do in my favorite town is a major Silver Lining!

This issue happens to be one of my favorite of the year. The magazine is divided so beautifully into well organized and easily accessible sections, including Home, Garden, Entertaining, Food & Wine, Sports, Kids, The Arts, Getaways, Out & About and finally, The Reason We Live Here (which, if you’ve ever been here, you definitely knowwwww!).

This issue will make you go ahead and commit to making a reservation to visit. And fair warning, when you’re here, you’ll try every which way to figure out how to stay longer (or even move here, which is what the HOTY and I did 3 weeks after our first visit – seriously).

In this issue, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with my friend Gregg Renfrew the founder of and genius (she would be mortified to be called a genius, but she totally IS!) behind BeautyCounter, a skin care line committed to getting safe AND effective products into the hands of everyone.  I love love love their products (and no, of course I’m not now – or ever – paid to endorse anything!).

And yes, both  Santa Barbara and BeautyCounter are as wonderful as you imagine  (Silver Lining!). So, pick up Santa Barbara magazine and start planning!

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