Enduring Love


One of my favorite Silver Linings about writing the blog is having the opportunity to meet extraordinary people who do remarkable things, especially those who are passionate about helping other people. Mary Landberg is definitely one of those people! As a hospice nurse and photographer living in southern Oregon, her mission is to speak to as many people as possible about how to ease the fear of death, help define the purpose of life, inspire to live and love fully, and to encourage conversation about death and dying so that people can best plan for the end of their lives.

Her book, Enduring Love,  is a collection of over one hundred portraits of hospice patients with family and friends embracing love and life. Mary Landberg is devoted to helping hospice patients and families live fully until the time of death.  Through photography she has found a way to offer this special population a gesture of love and a lasting memory to carry forward.  The portraits are accompanied with grand love stories, conversations with the dying, their advice for living, and the wisdom their illnesses have gifted them. Having been a hospice nurse for over a decade, I am so grateful to Mary for capturing the compassion, love, strength and peace that so often comes at the end of a person’s life.

This idea stemmed from an interaction that she had with a patient of hers. Mary snapped a photo on her iphone of herself holding hands with a dying patient and texted it to the patient’s grandson. When she recieved a moving and touching response back, she knew that she had to continue capturing that priceless moment of unwavering love that endures between people living with terminal illness and their families.

One of the biggest Silver Linings about her photography is that it is complimentary. Her no-charge policy is a way for her to give back to the community and encourage other hospice nurses around the country to offer the same service to their patients. It is her hope that her portraits will raise awareness of the value and importance of hospice care AND inspire people to live life fully while they are alive.

Here are a few of her beautiful photos:







You can find more images and inspiration here:


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