What Stress Physically Feels Like


What Stress Physically Feels Like

Lordy-bee. WTF is going on with stress lately?  It is EVERY.WHERE.  Are you all feeling it? One of my friends eloquently uses the hashtags:  #stuck and #burnedout.  I would add #stressedbeyondbeliefwithnopatienceleft.  Yea, things that overwhelming these days. The Silver Lining is that #hashtag creation cracks me up and there is nothing like a giggle to help balance stress and anxiety! Oh and the other big Silver Lining is that I no longer have chemo appointments in my calendar. So there.

Anyhoo, recently I came across a powerful and super visual description of what stress physically feels (and looks!) like. These struck such a chord with me.  How about you?

“Like a huge knot in my stomach.”


“It feels like being caught in a stunami; the rolling of the wave keeps you from figuring out which direction to swim.”


“I feel like a shark bit me in the stomach.”


“For me stress is like a hazy fog that is so thick that it literally slows me down.”


“It feels like the walls are closing in. A vice grip on my body.”


“A volcanic mountain close to eruption with lots of pressure building up. Everything is amplified around me. “


“Stress feels like carrying around a mental cinderblock. You can hold it for a few minutes and not get tired of (an actual cinderblock weighs 28 pounds) but if you carry it around for an hour it will fatigue you, carry it around for a day it will hurt you, continue to carry it long term and it can literally kill you.”


“I feel like I am an Egyptian mummy wrapped all over and the pyramid is put on top of me.”


“It feels like a weight on my shoulders, gravity pulling me down and a sense of dread.”


“Stress is like being hugged by a giant.”


What does stress physically feel like to you?

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