Words To Use More

Words To Use More | The Silver PenThis weekend, our daughter a/k/a Excitedly Eight and I were doing word games. One of the games was called “tricky words to spell”.  She wasn’t crazy about that – felt a little too assigned – but when I asked her to make up and then write stories using the words, well, THEN we were on to something. We had a blast.  Putting words together in unique and unexpected ways made us think, reflect and – best of all! – laugh.

Through our game, I was reminded of my love of/for words.  After all, don’t we fundamentally, essentially live and breathe words? I feel like I do. One of my favorite places in the world is between the pages of a book.  Over my lifetime, I have formed bonds with paper characters.  The words in a book have always been my friend and assured me time and time again that I am never completely alone.

In the graphic above are some words that I think would be quite fun to use more. Any favorites?  What are your favorite words?


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  1. Joan Aldrich says

    You can add INTREPID to the list !!!

    Al the best and Have a Blessed and
    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hearts love,

    Joan Aldrich